Tesla reported on 100 percent recycling of old batteries

Tesla reported on 100 percent recycling of old batteries


In a recently published white paper, the company spoke about its internal recycling ecosystem.

The well-known American automaker Tesla spoke about its methods of battery recycling. According to the manufacturer, this is made possible thanks to the unique recycling ecosystem.

Back in 2020, Tesla noted that the company had already learned how to recycle 100 percent of the recycled batteries. Now the manufacturer has shared more detailed data. According to official information, Tesla specialists have learned to recover about 92% of the original materials used in batteries.

Last year, the brand managed to process 1,300 tons of nickel, 400 tons of copper and 80 tons of cobalt. All of these materials were recycled and used in new batteries, thus drastically reducing Tesla’s need for these resources.

Tesla’s scrupulous attitude towards battery recycling is no longer news. For example, the Shanghai and Berlin branches of the brand will not only have their own production of batteries, but they will also receive special workshops for their processing.

Interestingly, back in 2019, former co-founder and CTO Jeffrey Straubel left Tesla in order to devote himself to the issue of recycling complex materials. His new company, Redwood Materials, has developed its own unique technology and is now running contracts to recycle waste from Panasonic batteries used in vehicles from the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

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