Tesla resumed deliveries of Model S after a strange break

Tesla resumed deliveries of Model S after a strange break


However, the manufacturer did not say about the reasons why these cars were previously delayed at the points of departure.

Tesla has resumed deliveries of its most expensive Model S Plaid after an odd weekly delay. However, as noted on the electrek.com portal, the company has not disclosed the reasons for such delays.

We have previously reported on the mysterious delays of the Model S Plaid. Buyers complained that they could not receive their ordered vehicles.

The new owners waited for these electric cars for several months, and after receiving news that the cars had finally arrived at the delivery centers, the unexpected became clear. It turned out that Tesla simply cannot bring them to their destinations. The reasons are still not very clear, as car dealers are trying to justify themselves by any means. At the same time, there is simply no specific deadline for the delivery of cars to the owners.

However, now the owners can finally pick up their long-awaited cars. Car dealerships have already started notifying their customers. A source familiar with this issue noted that electric cars were not officially detained at the Fremont plant, which means that there was simply no shortage of parts or unscheduled software updates.

Western media now believe that the company may have discovered some kind of serious defect, or it was a simple precaution to collect more information from the systems of already purchased cars to make sure the equipment is working properly.

Regarding the strange statements from dealers that contradicted each other, it can be noted that Tesla’s policy is not new at all. Previously, when problems were discovered, the manufacturer also left its consultants completely in the dark.

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