Tesla rises: Elon Musk explains why


Such unusual behavior of the most famous electric car manufacturer has caused numerous angry responses about the company and to Elon Musk, who hastened to respond to them on his Twitter.

Recall that at the end of May, the automaker once again rewrote price lists for its most popular models – Tesla Model Y and Model 3. This is the fifth time that the company has raised prices for electric vehicles in just a few months. The price increase itself is small, but if you look at the cost at the beginning of the year and now, the changes are still tangible. Experts note that the price increase applies to almost all lines, even though some versions have not been updated for a long time.

Let’s mark the new price tags: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus price increased from 39 490 to 39 990 US dollars. Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD: Price increased from $ 46? 490 to $ 48? 990. Tesla Model 3 Performance: Price Unchanged – $ 56,990

“Prices are rising due to supply chain price pressures across the industry. Especially raw materials, ”Musk replied succinctly to one of the commentators on May 31.

Due to the pandemic, the supply chain of car manufacturers, including those related to the supply of computer chips, has been seriously affected. Experts believe that the semiconductor shortage alone will cost the global auto industry $ 110 billion in losses. Several manufacturers, including Ford and General Motors, have already revised their forecasts, significantly reducing the likely profit.

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