Tesla Roadster will be delayed for 2 years

Tesla Roadster will be delayed for 2 years


In the fall of 2017, when Tesla with the truck unexpectedly showed new four-seater supercar, it was reported that it will start production in 2020. Premiere serial Semi in the end was postponed for two years, and now it turned out that Roadster will be released late in the same period – at least.

About this Elon Musk said in the podcast Joe Rogan – the host, the guests with whom he last time you smoked marijuana, not embarrassed by the video. The head of Tesla explained that prior to the production Roadster, the company must resolve a number of other tasks. Among them – increase of volumes of release of crossover Model Y, the launch of the German and the expansion of Chinese “Girafarig”, started production of Semi and pickup truck Cybertruck.


On the actual graphics part of these goals is expected to reach only by the end of 2021, this means that the new Tesla Roadster will appear not earlier than 2022-th. At the same time, assured the Musk, the supercar is so good that all who are really waiting for it, will not regret it.

Recall the basic characteristics of the Tesla Roadster – 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, top speed of over 402 km/h and cruising range of 1000 miles on a single battery charge for 250 kilowatt-hours. The starting price of 200 thousand dollars order of magnitude below the amounts that are usually asked in the comparable dynamics petrol supercars.

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