Tesla rolled out electropura Semi on winter testing

Tesla rolled out electropura Semi on winter testing


A prototype electric tractor Semi – built one of the two copies is first seen outside of the United States, in Canada. Judging by the movements of the trailer, Tesla engineers took the truck for winter testing in Alaska.

Tesla announced a Semi in 2017, and then promised that the capacity of the model will be about 36 tons and the distance of travel per charge is at least 800 km Is more than twice better features of its competitors. For example, eCascadia Freightliner from Daimler rides without charging only 400 km.


Over the past two years that have passed since then, as Tesla introduced the Semi, the company has collected only two prototype electric heavy truck. In 2018 and 2019 they have seen on the road (possibly in one case even without the driver, the truck moved itself), but recently they disappeared from the radar.

In early February, Tesla has released an updated test program, modifications, and production schedule for your electric truck. It says that in the near future will be a full winter testing Semi – in conditions of freezing temperature and snow covered roads.

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Saw this at the border today. #tesla

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“The company will hold for several weeks of winter testing to verify the effectiveness of the truck in the cold season and in conditions of poor grip,” – said in the program. The company promises to publish the results of the tests after you complete them.

Now one of the two prototypes of the Tesla Semi was seen on the border with Canada when he entered the country on a trailer.

Later, another Twitter user took a picture of him in Ashcroft, British Columbia, about four hours northeast of Vancouver.

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