Tesla sells cars with old batteries!

Tesla sells cars with old batteries!


Enthusiasts have discovered in Tesla’s inventory among the usual copies of the Tesla Model 3 electric car new cars, marked as Demo Vehicle. Sedan cards have a disclaimer: “Range figures may be up to 12% lower due to battery age” and a clarification – “This car was built with a battery produced by in 2017 “(This vehicle was built with a battery pack manufactured as early as 2017). There was no official explanation from the company as to why it took such a step, although some users tried to get comments.

The cars for sale have a range of up to 1000 miles and, most likely, were used for test drives or some kind of checks, but were not previously in the hands of car owners.

Discounts have been made for cars with a 2017 battery, but not too noticeable. In different parts of the United States, there were more than a hundred such samples for sale, as one user wrote, “even with a cursory search.” Of course, against the background of 676 thousand Tesla sold in January-October, this is a drop, but still interesting.

“Although this block was brand new when the vehicle was built, the capacity of the cells has decreased due to their age, and you can expect a range reduction of up to 12% from current factory specifications.

The production of batteries for car manufacturers is a “bottleneck”, here the shortage of raw materials with an increase in prices for it, and the general growth in the production of electric cars, which the factories supplying cells must keep up with, have an effect. At the same time, by the end of the year, it is desirable for Tesla to reduce the inventory of cars as much as possible by raising the sales figures. As for the traction batteries themselves, it should be noted: batteries lose capacity over time, even if they are hardly used. A Geotab study, based on an analysis of 6,000 electric vehicles of different brands, showed an average loss rate of 2.3% per year.

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