Tesla Semi finally got to testing payload

Tesla Semi finally got to testing payload

Road tests long-range truck electric traction company began last fall, when electroperu regularly noticed in different States. Now Tesla Semi finally got to testing payload.

Photograph of an electric truck with trailer loaded with concrete blocks, has been on the California highway. The combination clearly demonstrates that the American manufacturer of electric cars, in all probability, is experiencing its new capacity. We will remind that the official figures Tesla has not yet been named. It is known that the leaked tractor pulls nine concrete blocks, the weight of each of them is about 1 800 pounds. The total weight of cargo, according to simple calculations, exceeds 16 tons.

Along with the electric truck, whose mass is equal to 7 thousand pounds, is already more than half the total mass of the train is 36 tons.

In General, the capacity of the Tesla Semi will depend on the specific modifications – standard or Long Range, differing from each other in the reserve. Taking into account that the mass of the Semi will be about 6 800-9 000 kilograms, it turns out that the payload will be close to around 20-23 tons.