Tesla seriously intends to reduce the cost of their electric cars

Tesla seriously intends to reduce the cost of their electric cars


In the framework of quarterly reports Elon Musk has stated that the main deterrent to the growth of the company remains the cost of electric cars and batteries. So we are working on lower prices.

In the spring of this year, Musk announced a breakthrough in the market of electric cars. September 15 is the target date for the shareholders meeting and the so-called “Battery Day” on which the world will see significant progress in battery technology.

The event with the presentation on the battery, as Musk has called “one of the most exciting days in the history of Tesla”, was previously scheduled for may and a shareholders meeting was held on 7 July. Both events were postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus.

“Battery Day” will include a tour of sproizvodstvennoe lines that produce batteries for Tesla electric cars. However, any details of the inventor refused to reveal.

Tesla and China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL) are jointly developing a battery designed for a million miles of use and allowing the cars of the American brand to sell a profit, for the same price or less than a petrol car. Such information shared with the publication speedme.ru sources familiar with the company’s plans.


Also the American engineer was haunted by the idea that the Tesla is not available to all buyers. With this, he added that the company intends to do something. Progress in this direction is observed – once reduced the cost of production of certain models, Tesla is trying to show it in lower retail prices. To fail in this case Tesla does not want, so it is ready to balance on the rate of return of 1-2%. The company’s goal is to make the cars as affordable as possible.

Plans for the expansion of the model range, the head of Tesla were not disclosed, but hinted that it will not hurt to offer more compact electric car and more spacious vehicle than those already produced or submitted.

Localization of production in Tesla to focus on. It allows you to reduce costs. In China, for example, the share of local components in the manufacture of Tesla Model 3 is now approaching 40%, but by the end of the year could rise to 80%. Local suppliers, representatives of Tesla I believe is very competitive. Design all models adapted to the specifics of local production. From this point of view, Tesla Model 3 American and Chinese Assembly may differ significantly structurally. In fact, in this area the potential for continuous improvement is much more than in the field of design, for example.

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