Tesla starts returning money to customers

Tesla starts returning money to customers


Recall that earlier it was reported that Tesla twice deducted the cost of cars from its customers’ accounts after the introduction of a new, faster payment system.

One of the victims reported on the Tesla forum that he finally received a refund of $ 56,579. The unpleasant situation lasted for about five working days. Reporters have contacted several other new Tesla owners who have had similar issues and report that they have also received a refund. Tesla did not publicly comment on the issue, but sent victims an apology email and provided them with a $ 200 coupon that can be used at the brand’s online store to purchase products or accessories.

It should be noted that the compensation does not look impressive, especially if we take into account the losses of clients, from whose accounts from 50 to 70 thousand dollars were spent during the week, who, due to the current situation, could not complete transactions for the purchase of real estate or cover other expenses.

It is still unclear exactly what went wrong, but customers are advised to pay for their cars at the checkout and refrain from new systems until they are properly set up.

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