Tesla teams up with Toyota?

Tesla teams up with Toyota?


Various online sources have started reporting this.

According to the published data, the American corporation Tesla is in talks with representatives of the Japanese automaker Toyota to conclude a partnership agreement. It is reported that possible cooperation will be in the field of creating a platform for a compact all-electric crossover.

It is assumed that, as part of the partnership, Toyota will provide Tesla with a platform for electric vehicles, and the Americans, in turn, will “share” with the Japanese part of the electronic control platform and software. This could mean that in the next few years, under the brand name of one or another company, there will be an inexpensive compact crossover on sale.

It’s worth noting that such rumors emerged immediately after Volkswagen announced its intention to surpass Tesla in electric vehicle sales in the next five years. Recall that at the beginning of the year it was announced the release of the Toyota RAV4 crossover with an all-electric power plant produced by Tesla, so the new agreement will be a continuation of the cooperation between the two companies.

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