“Tesla – the robot”: video tour of “Gigabit 3”


To date, “Girafarig 3” – the only existing site of the company.

Tesla released a rather entertaining and informative videos on its Chinese plant. We have seen this complex on the outside thanks made by locals filming with drones, and now you can look and shop.

Impressive in the first place, the degree of automation of processes in the frame seen dozens and dozens of robots that are involved in almost all stages of production. However, to complete rejection of human labor is still far away, although Elon Musk seriously says that over time all enterprises of Tesla will become fully Autonomous, becoming “machines that make machines”.

You should also consider that this “Girafarig” the company built and launched in just a year: the first buyers to local sedan Model 3 was submitted last December. Initially, the Shanghai plant was doing, mainly the body and doing the final Assembly. To date, the degree of localization increased significantly, but many important components, including the motors, still have to import.


Interestingly, Tesla, forever ripping off all time, established the Chinese production as it is impossible more by the way: while the main factory in Fremont is quarantined, “Girafarig 3” long resumed their activities. According to recent reports, weekly volume of production of Model 3 increased to 3 million units, i.e. an annual production capacity of 150 thousand cars. The next planned milestone is 250 thousand, while the sedan will be joined by a crossover Model Y.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Tesla Model 3 from a team InfoCar.ua:

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