Tesla unveils its “best” electric car (video)

Tesla unveils its “best” electric car (video)


Tesla unveiled its new Model S Plaid electric car on June 10 in California. Due to pandemic restrictions, few people attended the presentation, led by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but it was broadcast on the company’s website.

Tesla claims that the new product is the fastest serial production car.

“The Model S Plaid is faster than any sports car, faster than any Porsche, and at the same time safer than any Volvo,” Musk said.

It is reported that Plaid can accelerate to 96.5 km per hour in 1.99 s. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle is 320 km per hour. It can travel 620 km without recharging.

Tesla Model S Plaid recently set a world record in a quarter mile (402 m) race, covering this distance in 9.2 seconds.

On the eve of the presentation, Tesla raised the price of the Model S Plaid by $ 10,000. The price tag now starts at $ 129,990, excluding options such as red layered paint, white seats, and a complete self-driving kit.

Musk said that 25 vehicles are already being delivered to customers. Several hundred more of these machines are planned to be delivered within a week.

Recall, earlier it was reported that Tesla engineers did not have enough time to fine-tune the Model S Plaid.

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