Tesla was struck by the stock market analysts their profits

Tesla was struck by the stock market analysts their profits


The company Tesla presented the financial results for the second quarter of 2020. The automaker earned a net profit of 104 million dollars.

Such indicators do not expect any one stock analyst. So surveyed by the Wall Street Journal financial experts on the eve of the publication of the results predicted slight losses.

Tesla claims the title is almost the only automaker in the world, who in these months to make a profit. Most other companies are suffering significant losses due to falling demand due to the coronavirus.


Sales of Tesla vehicles in the second quarter also decreased, but only slightly. This has less to do with falling demand as the plant down in the California town of Fremont, where the local authorities demanded to close the plant in quarantine.

Unlike other automakers, Tesla sells its cars directly and not through the dealers, which in many countries in the second quarter were also closed.

In addition, the decline in production to some extent even contributed to the profit of Tesla, as the company was able to save on additional expense.

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