“Tesla”, which will “insert” any electric car

“Tesla”, which will “insert” any electric car


Tesla has launched a new charging system with the J1772 connector common in North America. This means that the device can charge electric vehicles of other brands without additional adapters.

The new version of Tesla’s “home” charger with J1772 Gen 2 connector has an output power of up to 9.6 kW (at 40 A) per vehicle. The system includes the charging module itself for installation on a wall indoors or outdoors, as well as a 7.3 meter cable.

As noted by Electrek, this is the first time Tesla has sold a proprietary charger without its own connector. It is intended, first of all, for owners of electric cars of other brands, and already for Tesla themselves you will need an adapter (or buy the right device right away).

Unlike the most modern version of the wall charger – Gen 3 – the version with a universal connector does not have a Wi-Fi connection. The cost of the novelty is $ 415.

This is not the end of the news of the charging infrastructure from the Elon Musk company. A few days earlier, Tesla opened its Supercharger stations for the first time to owners of electric vehicles of other brands. The experiment was launched at 10 stations in the Netherlands.

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