Tesla will add the new Model S and Model X electric motor

Tesla will add the new Model S and Model X electric motor

Tesla company this fall will begin production of the redesigned Model S and Model X. They will be better, but the price of cars will also grow.

The main change will be the exterior of electric cars. Along with this the company intends to improve their performance.

According to rumors, the reserve Model X on the EPA cycle will increase to 640 kilometres. In Model S, the figure should increase, but how is still unknown.

The changes will also affect the cooling system. Due to this, the batteries will charge at full power 250 kW stations Superchargers third version, which Elon Musk presented this spring.

The restyled Model S and Model X will come with three electric motors – one motor installed on the front axle, two will lead to the movement of the rear wheels.

Note that Tesla made the decision to merge production lines Model S and Model X to make space for the production of crossover Model Y, which will enter the market in 2020.

As previously reported, Elon Musk said that the Roadster it’s superior to the Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.