Tesla will build in the U.S. a new plant for pickup Cybertruck

Tesla will build in the U.S. a new plant for pickup Cybertruck


Tesla is beginning to find a place for a new Assembly plant in the Central part of the United States. The company that Elon Musk has designated as “Cybertruck Gigafactory” would be located on the East coast. It will produce not only truck Cybertruck, but Model Y. In fact, Tesla has announced a contest, and now the authorities of several States fight for the right to place a factory at home. Win a state that has no problems with manpower and logistics, and most importantly – is able to offer the best “package of incentives” (tax and other). The popularity of pickups among residents is also important.

Cybertruck shown to the public in November 2019 as the prototype, have to get on the conveyor at the end of 2021. The design is yet to be adjusted, but the base price of $39 900 will continue. Three versions of the pickup differ in the number of engines, maximum speed (177-209 km/HR) and the reserve (402-805 km).

In 2014, the venue for the second (after California) automobile Tesla in the U.S. also were selected on a competitive basis. Then in the finals Arizona, new Mexico and Texas, but the best conditions offered Nevada, where is the Gigafactory 1 (pictured), aka Giga Nevada.


Representatives of the Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma and several other territories already declared readiness to give Tesla on 100 acres (40.4 hectares) of land and incentive for tens of millions of dollars. According to rumors, the favorites escaped Texas, where sales of pickups is higher than in other States (except California). The publication Automotive News notes that President Donald trump in a January CNBC interview called Elon musk “one of our great geniuses” and predicted that he will build a “very large plant in the United States.” Note 2 the Gigafactory in the state of new York produces only the solar panels. Recently earned a Chinese Gigafactory 3, whereas European Gigafactory 4 starts in 2021-m.

Do you think much will change Cybertruck in the series?

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