Tesla will change the traditional controls

Tesla will change the traditional controls


Tesla patented an innovative steering wheel, which combines the functions of automatic transmission. The American manufacturer intends to alter the usual controls: display on the lower spoke of the steering wheel touch panel selecting driving modes and analog buttons replace touchpads.

In the description of the application Tesla in the us patent office said that in the lower part of the steering wheel is planned to place the lighted LEDs turn on modes Park, reverse, neutral transmission, or movement. This configuration will allow to completely abandon the selector transmission.

Use tachpadom with the possibility of scrolling will allow the driver to control multimediasystem, activate the autopilot system or to enable the voice recognition function based on tactile sensations. Tesla believes that the touchpad is more variable than the “physical” buttons, so the driver can intuitively adjust all the necessary parameters, without looking away from the road and your hands off the wheel.

As an example, Tesla has posted the algorithm tachpadom possible settings and combinations of actions that activates the most popular commands, such as changing wave radio and the volume, activate the speakerphone, mute, or select contacts in the phone book.


If the patent Tesla will find use in mass-produced electric vehicles, the analog switches will be a rarity: a “physical” will only button the wipers, turn signals and horn.

Six months ago, Tesla invented and documented original wiper: manufacturer suggested using the electromagnetic system operating on the principle of Maglev.

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