Tesla will create a car-submarine from bond movie

Tesla will create a car-submarine from bond movie

Elon Musk said that Tesla has already developed a design for an electric submarines of amphibious vehicle. However, the market is likely to produce will not.

The impetus for the development of electric cars-amphibians became modified Lotus Esprit from a film about James bond in 1977’s “the Spy who loved me”. This car is known under the nickname “Wet Nellie”.

For some time, the car disappeared from sight, then found her in the warehouse, and in 2012, Elon Musk secretly purchased her for 900 000$, to make war with other collector cars.

Earlier, the Director of Tesla is ready that the company intend to make a electric vehicle, which will behave perfectly and on the road and in the water. Now they already have the design of this car.

While Elon Musk believes that the modified Lotus Esprit is one of the “coolest things” he had ever seen.

“Actually, it is possible to build a car-submarine, it is technically possible. I think the market for such a product would be small. A small, but enthusiastic. It would distract us from things, but we will probably have one as a show car”, he said.

Note that Tesla was not creating show cars that never go into production. Americans have always strived to manufacture vehicles that will have wide demand among the clients.

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