Tesla will increase the power reserve of the Model S to 645 kilometers

Tesla will increase the power reserve of the Model S to 645 kilometers


During a conference call dedicated to the results of the fourth quarter of 2019, the head of Tesla Elon Musk said that the company is about to release liftback Model S with a power reserve of 400 miles, which is about 645 km. Now the long-range version of the electric car drove 379 miles (WLTP cycle) or 610 kilometers.

According to the Mask, for the past years they were able to significantly improve the chemical composition of batteries size 18650 and thereby increase the range of electric cars. Last option traction battery allows the Model S to pass without recharging 379 (WLTP) or 373 (EPA) miles (610 and 600 kilometers, respectively), but the company promises soon to reach a run 400 miles 645 km. The figure is a record not only for “Tesla”, but the entire industry.

However, for future models of the American brand says and does fantastic numbers. So, the power reserve of Yellowstone national Park, the second-generation Roadster will be close to a thousand kilometers, but the car will be battery 200 kilowatt-hours; pickup Cybetruck in the top-end version will travel 805 kilometers. Now the competition they can only make small-scale Lightyear One with solar panels, which under certain conditions will show a range of 1154 miles.


Runs great soon and will provide hydrogen cars. In the spring of last year, the Chinese firm Grove Hydrogen Automotive, based in Wuhan city, showed its first model – a hatchback with a disproportionate body and a design vaguely reminiscent of a Maserati. It is equipped with the power plant on fuel cells and, according to the manufacturer, passing without refueling more than thousands of kilometers.

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