Tesla will learn not to buckle up at the wheel!

Tesla will learn not to buckle up at the wheel!


Tesla has received a patent for a new development that will not allow travel with an unfastened seat belt. A system called Improper seatbelt usage detection, or ISUD, will prevent a vehicle from moving if it detects an incorrect seatbelt use.

Tesla applied for a patent back in 2019, but only got it now. By a strange coincidence, the issuance of the document coincided with a series of incidents and investigations related to the safety of electric vehicles.

Last year, a video appeared on the network in which the blogger first pretended to be asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla, and then completely lay down in the back seat, covered with a blanket. The autopilot of the electric car did not attach any importance to this and continued to move with an empty driver’s seat, as if nothing had happened.

However, the problem became especially acute in April of this year as a result of a fatal accident, during which no one was driving the crashed Tesla. After a strange accident, Consumer Reports experts conducted an experiment and were able to prove that the car is easy to “cheat” and make it go without a driver.

The ISUD system is designed to eliminate these shortcomings. It relies on data from sensors built into the seats and the seat belt itself. If ISUD detects that the belt is not fastened correctly, it will display a corresponding message on the multimedia system screen, send a notification to the owner’s phone or turn on the sound signal. In this case, the electric car will not move into place.

It is not yet known when the system will be implemented in future Tesla vehicles.

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