Tesla will monitor the driver when using Autopilot

Tesla will monitor the driver when using Autopilot


The Tesla brand announced the introduction of an additional driver control system when the autopilot is running.

So, video cameras installed in the interior of Tesla electric cars will track the direction of the driver’s gaze. Such a measure is intended to focus the attention of the motorist on the road to exclude the possibility of an accident. At the same time, it will not be possible to refuse video recording during automatic driving. All Tesla electric vehicle owners must sign a new user agreement.

Previously, the Tesla automaker monitored the driver’s condition using special sensors that determine the moment the steering wheel was turned. However, after a series of accidents involving electric vehicles moving in automatic mode, experts admitted that this was not enough.

Therefore, a new system for tracking the driver’s gaze was developed. A camera located above the rear-view mirror can detect inattention of the motorist and warn him with sound signals when the autopilot is on.

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