Tesla will sell its souvenirs for garbage cryptocurrency

Tesla will sell its souvenirs for garbage cryptocurrency


Another case of the influence of the head of the Tesla electric car manufacturer Elon Musk on humanity: the garbage cryptocurrency Dogecoin soared by more than 30% after a tweet about the intention to accept it as a means of payment for individual Tesla goods.

“Tesla will be selling some merchandise for Dogecoin. Let’s see how things go, “Musk wrote on December 14.

In an interview with the American Time magazine, which chose Elon Musk as the person of the year – 2021, the Tesla CEO stated that “in fact, bitcoin is not a good substitute for a transactional currency. Dogecoin is better suited for transactions, despite the fact that it was created as a stupid joke. ”

Dogecoin is a comic cryptocurrency named after the Internet meme Doge, created in late 2013 by a group of independent programmers. She became widely known in 2020 after flash mobs of Internet users.

Meme cryptocurrency is expected to be accepted as payment for various accessories and related products. Tesla sells branded apparel, scale models, cyber whistles, kids’ ATVs, and other non-essential items.

Musk asked Twitter followers in May if they wanted Tesla to accept Dogecoin. Most were positive.

In 2021, the entrepreneur has repeatedly talked about Dogecoin in a positive way, which ensured its growth in the amount of 5000%.

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