Tesla will still roll out a version of Plaid Plus

Tesla will still roll out a version of Plaid Plus


The American company Tesla has rolled out an electric Model S sedan with a large active wing at the Nurburgring. Western journalists are sure that this is the revived project Plaid +.

As most probably remember, even before the release of the Model S Plaid, the Plus version was supposed to be the most productive in terms of range. But soon Elon Musk abandoned it, citing the fact that ordinary Plaid would be quite enough for an ordinary consumer.

Now a mysterious sedan with advanced aerodynamic elements and an active wing has appeared on the Nürburgring track. In addition, eyewitnesses note that it has ceramic brakes and low ground clearance. Everything indicates that the company is thinking about creating a track version of its flagship car.

Note that Tesla has more than once tried to break the lap record for electric vehicles, which was set by the German Porsche Taycan. However, all attempts most often ended in failure. And this despite the fact that the American has as much as 1020 horsepower under the hood, against 761 hp. from the German. Thus, we can conclude: despite the advantage in power, the Model S Plaid has obvious problems with handling, which forced the brand to create a track modification with increased downforce.

Meanwhile, the company is doing very strangely. Car sales set monthly records, but logistics problems and a shortage of semiconductors force promising projects to be postponed until better times.

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