Tesla with a mileage of 700.000 km!

Tesla with a mileage of 700.000 km!


A video dedicated to the Tesla Model S, released in 2015, has been published on the Web. Since that time, the electric car has traveled more than half a million kilometers and the owner decided to review the condition of the car after several years of operation. To the surprise of many users, Tesla still feels confident after 682,360 kilometers, despite the fact that the first owner used the car as a taxi in the Uber service.

The first owner who bought an electric car to work in a taxi traveled an average of 113 thousand kilometers a year. For the new owner, this, of course, turned into certain investments – on a mileage of 402 thousand kilometers, the power plant element had to be replaced, but this was done free of charge under warranty (Tesla gives a guarantee for the factory battery with no mileage restrictions).

We also had to replace the front electric motor on a mileage of 612,000 kilometers – while the rear electric motor is still the factory one. At the mark of 539 thousand kilometers, the new owner repaired the multimedia system control unit, and on a run of 603 500 kilometers, the rear suspension needed repair.

Despite this, at the end of November Tesla again took the penultimate place in the reliability rating. The experts named the main problems of California electric cars poor build quality, defects in the work of electronics and multimedia systems.

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