Tesla with the autopilot violated the traffic rules

Tesla with the autopilot violated the traffic rules


In canadian Richmond eyewitnesses took video of the Tesla Model 3 which is pulled out from the Parking lot and drove in the opposite lane. When the driver in the car was not.

Recently in Tesla introduces Smart Summon, which allows the driver to remotely “call” the Parking space if it is within 60 metres. It focuses on the GPS signal of the phone owner. This system also was activated in Model 3, scared pedestrians in Richmond.


The incident has already commented in the company. According to representatives of Tesla, the responsibility to use a Smart Summon rests with the driver. He should also monitor the car while he leaves the Parking lot, as “smart” autopilot not always able to correctly judge a traffic situation. In case the owner of an electric car should never have to activate this function, as in the British Columbia riding of drones without a driver on public roads is prohibited.

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Despite numerous warnings about Tesla that the system is still under beta testing, many drivers began to use Smart Summon irresponsible. In the web you can find clips in which drivers make electric vehicles to break the rules.

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