Tesla without a powertrain selector. At all!

Tesla without a powertrain selector. At all!


It turns out that the steering wheel is not the only familiar control that Tesla got rid of during the restyling of the S and X models. The transmission selector has also disappeared from the cars. And if the steering wheel was replaced with a steering wheel, then a full replacement for the selector did not appear, writes Electrek.co.

Most modern electric vehicles, including all Tesla models, use simple gearboxes instead of gearboxes, combined with electric motors. The gear ratio in them is fixed, and the speed of the car is directly determined by the speed of rotation of the motor. There are also no additional reverse gears – the electric motors simply start to rotate in the opposite direction.

At the same time, in the pre-styling S and X models, the selector on the steering column allowed you to select the driving mode: forward or backward. Now he is gone.

Where to go the car now decides for itself. For example, if it is parked in the garage facing inward, the autopilot will guess by itself when the driver releases the brake pedal.

Manual selection of the direction of movement also remained, but now it is not a lever, not a round selector, and not even buttons, but … a scroller on the left on the large central touch-screen. It is most likely not very convenient to use it, but it is assumed that often it will not be necessary to do this, since in typical situations the automation will cope with everything on its own.

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