Tesla won’t give offense

Tesla won’t give offense


Tesla’s Sentry Mode has proven its worth again. In a UK shopping mall parking lot, a woman, probably angered by being too close to a Model 3, decided to discreetly leave a 10-inch scratch on the side of the electric car. However, she clearly did not suspect that Tesla was equipped with on-board cameras that filmed everything – right down to her face – thanks to which the woman was able to be identified and charged.

The footage shows how the woman, who turned out to be 57-year-old Anna Valente, approaches her car, ostensibly to take something from the front seat. At the same time, she takes the keys with her left hand and leaves a scratch on the door of a Tesla Model 3 parked nearby.

Having discovered the damage, the Tesla owner checked the footage from cameras that filmed Valente’s face, as well as her Nissan Juke along with a license plate – the last frame was cut from a video that got into the media. All this helped to identify and find the British woman, who, apparently, was not satisfied with the proximity of the electric car in the parking lot. The video shows that the left wheels of the Juke itself are right on the edge of the parking space: this is probably how she wanted to prevent someone from getting up next.

As a result, Valente will have to pay the owner of the Tesla Model 3 £ 1.08 thousand, or almost 106 thousand rubles, in damages. This is the first time in the UK that EV footage has been used as evidence of guilt, according to the Daily Mail.

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