Tesla, WTF? In Model Y quality problems (video)

Tesla, WTF? In Model Y quality problems (video)


In March, the company Tesla, despite the heating up of the epidemiological situation in the United States, began to ship to customers the brand-new crossover Model Y. Unfortunately, the first instances of disappointed owners with quality workmanship.

Production Model Y officially introduced in March of 2019, was started early (about six months earlier than originally planned), but haste is not the best way affected the quality of the crossover. Note that the Y Model is based on the sedan Model 3, which is also clients have repeatedly found quality problems, in particular with the quality of the paintwork, which in some instances, quickly peel and crack even in Sunny California, where there is no snow and sandblasting on the roads.


This week one of the newly-baked owners of Model Y, which the electric car was delivered to the house, posted a video on YouTube and discovered the car had problems and put the description in Reddit.

In the video you can see that all of the defects, with the exception of a broken rear door, have cosmetic character, but too many of them: worn rim, dirty upholstery with protruding threads, crooked adjoining door seal, scratches on plastic, some of which are roughly painted over with black paint. Behind the scenes, the assurances of the owner, left a dent on the rear fenders and scratches on the rear seat.

In General, it was that the new car looks like a used. The scratches and dents it would be possible, of course, to blame the delivery service, but the dirt in the cabin is found on those areas (like the roof), which is rarely touched by a user’s hand – those spots are, most likely, was left in the installation pipeline.

Dissatisfied customer of course complained to the manufacturer (at Tesla, you will recall, there is no dealer network, it sells and maintains machine itself). The answer came quickly: it States that the pandemic COVID-19 the company is now not able to figure out what happened and solve the problem, and you have to wait for notification of when faulty the car will be able to take service.

Earlier in March, a private Studio Chicago Auto Pros working in the cosmetic tuning, found multiple defects in colouring one of the first Tesla Model Y, and analyzed them in his video. Inside the body was discovered stains and fading on the upholstery, curved seams, cracks, bulges, flaking off the interior lights, broken power folding rear seats.

Against this background, the curves of the seams of the upholstery on the new Chevrolet Corvette, which we described last week, don’t look like disaster, but no Tesla Model Y, no Chevrolet Corvette does not belong to the category of budget cars, so their buyers are particularly picky about the quality.

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