Tesla’s new autopilot: video from the test

Tesla’s new autopilot: video from the test


The video was posted by Whole Mars Catalog.

One of Tesla’s regular customers, known as the Whole Mars Catalog, posted a video showing the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta autopilot. It is worth noting that in addition to getting out of situations that are quite difficult for automation, the autopilot can make a mistake – this is exactly what beta test participants should be ready for.

In general, as noted by American journalists, the process of controlling a car by autopilot is more like teaching a teenager to drive a car – at first the driver is happy that the “student” is coping with the tasks assigned to him, and the next moment the car enthusiast has to take the wheel himself to avoid an accident.

One way or another, but the system is still far from perfect. At the same time, the video shows the driving process, when the car moves along the night street, lets pedestrians pass and maneuvers between cars parked on both sides of the road.

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