Tesla’s new defect: manufacturer blames owners

Tesla’s new defect: manufacturer blames owners


Some owners of the Tesla Model 3 have begun to experience the appearance of bubbles on the headrests, but the manufacturer categorically does not consider this a warranty defect.

Happy owners of the Tesla Model 3 sedan on specialized Internet forums began to complain EN masse about the skin of the headrests of the front seats, which suddenly begins to look as if the upholstery has been melted. This can only be corrected by replacing the headrest Assembly for about $ 370, but Tesla does not consider skin blistering a warranty defect and shifts the blame to the owners of the electric car. The fact is that the synthetic leather upholstery of seats contains polyurethane resin, which, as the manufacturer explains, is subject to swelling under the influence of certain chemicals.

For example, those that can be found in the composition of hair care products. During prolonged contact with synthetic leather, chemicals penetrate it, then cause the polyurethane base to swell in hot weather and destroy the glue that binds the upholstery layers together. As a result, the skin flakes off and bubbles form on the surface. To prevent the upholstery from bubbling, Tesla advises using wet wipes to care for children’s skin – they need to wipe the headrests after each trip.

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