Tesla’s new design: for a special market only

Tesla’s new design: for a special market only


The company Tesla Motors intends to organize a new design center in Beijing or Shanghai, where they will create cars specifically for the Chinese market. In this regard, the Americans are looking for a specialist who can design cars taking into account the specifics of customers from China, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency’s sources, Tesla needs a person of “multicultural views” with at least 20 years of experience, familiar with the preferences of Chinese motorists, who could “build bridges” between the United States and China.

According to Reuters, the chief designer of Tesla Motors Franz von Holzhausen has already interviewed several candidates, although it is not yet known how many people apply for the new position. In total, the new team should include about 20 designers and modeling specialists.

Earlier, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, said that over the next two years, the company will release an affordable electric car worth no more than $25 thousand. The launch of such a car on the market was made possible due to a significant reduction in the cost of batteries. The head of Tesla noted that the novelty will be equipped with a new type of battery that will allow you to drive up to 320 km without recharging, and an innovative Electromechanical transmission.

The cars will be produced both at the Tesla plant in Shanghai and at the new European “Gigafactory”, which is currently being built in Berlin. Musk said that each of the factories will assemble “original cars” that will look different from each other.

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