Tesla’s plastic bumpers are rusting! What?

Tesla’s plastic bumpers are rusting! What?


Tesla electric cars periodically have problems of varying severity – the batteries light up in cars, new cars come from the salons with defects in body panels, and the wiring is actively destroyed by rats. This time, the owners faced a different problem – electric cars began to rust. Despite the fact that Teslas are mainly assembled from plastic and aluminum, rusty areas still appear on the bumpers and in the engine compartment.

The owner of Tesla Model S was the first to face this problem back in 2016. He found rust on the front bumper of the car. It turned out that corrosion appeared on the plastic element due to the fact that there were unprotected steel elements in the structure. Then even the Tesla service center admitted the problem.

In 2016 alone, 10 more similar situations were revealed when, due to the steel reinforcement of the bumper, rust spread to the entire element. However, apparently, the company has not yet solved this problem – users continue to complain about the rusting Tesla.

The last case was recorded in the current year 2021.

In early November, Tesla announced a revocable campaign that targeted 2,791 electric vehicles. We were talking about Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers. All cars were found to have a problem with the suspension: due to loosened bolts, the lateral rod of the front left wing suspension could spontaneously disconnect while driving.

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