Tesla’s push: Company raises Price of Model S Plaid the day before delivery starts

Tesla’s push: Company raises Price of Model S Plaid the day before delivery starts


Today, June 10, the first Tesla Model S Plaid cars will be handed over to customers in the United States – Friday, the 11th, will already come in Kiev at this time. The day before this event, the manufacturer suddenly increased the price of an electric car, and quite significantly.

The car has risen in price by 10 thousand dollars and now in the USA it costs at least 129 thousand 990 dollars. The reasons for the rise in prices are not named, but we have some assumptions.

First, the company officially stopped working on the Plaid + version, which was supposed to have a significantly larger power reserve than Plaid. Thus, the latter automatically became the flagship of the lineup, which means that the price for it should be appropriate.

Secondly, according to rumors Tesla is seeing a very high demand for the new product, and the market laws in this case require the manufacturer to either increase production volumes, or, if this is not possible, raise prices for the products in demand.

It is not yet clear whether the increase in prices for already ordered cars will spread. Tesla has committed this practice in the past, for which it has been heavily criticized.

Recall that in January Tesla introduced the updated Model S in three versions. The base will be Long Range, followed by the sports Plaid, and the long-range (and no less dynamic) Plaid + was planned. The first two versions were promised to be released by the end of January, and Plaid + was delayed for a year. As a result, deliveries start only now and with the Plaid version.

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