Tesla’s sales in China fell sharply

Tesla’s sales in China fell sharply


Tesla in the summer of 2021 had to operate in the Chinese market in not the most favorable conditions. For example, the electric car manufacturer faced negative advertising, which led to the recall of almost all of the company’s cars. Tesla’s EV sales ultimately plummeted in China, bloomberg.com reported.

Last month, Tesla delivered only 8,621 electric cars to the domestic market in China, which is 69% less than in June, when 28,138 units were shipped.

On the other hand, 24,317 electric cars were sent for export in July 2021 against 5,017 vehicles in June, and they were mainly intended for Europe. Thus, Tesla production in China in July fell by only 0.6% to 32,968 auto units.

Experts believe that Tesla will continue to use the facility in China to serve the needs of foreign markets, as active competition with local automakers will not allow it to significantly increase sales of electric cars in the PRC.

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