Testing the Ford F-150 Raptor with an incredibly short wheelbase

Testing the Ford F-150 Raptor with an incredibly short wheelbase

Photospin met on the roads of General use in the United States is quite a strange prototype of a pickup truck Ford F-150 Raptor with an incredibly short wheelbase, which really would fit the new Bronco SUV.

We know that the new generation Bronco will be available with both 3-door and 5-door body. Some Ford dealers have already seen this car alive, and someone has even published photos of the car under the tarp. We also came across quite a lot of spy shots of mules rough terrain F-150 pickups, for which Ford appears to be experiencing the units of the future SUV. But we see this for the first time. And honestly, these pictures make thoughtful. What is this car? Another “mule” Ford Bronco or preparing a new modification of the F-150 Raptor?

The only reason we ask this question is that the pictured prototype looks surprisingly good. Both bumper has missing, but I put them back and get the Raptor finished with a single-row cab and short cargo bed. Currently the only way to get this super powerful and super-fast truck – order it with SuperCab or SuperCrew cabs and cargo bed length of almost 1.8 m. In spotted by paparazzi variant with a single-row cabin and short body, you will not be able to buy a truck like that is not something that version of the Raptor, but even in the standard base case. It simply does not exist.

So this machine is the big mystery. Put it on the bumpers and get ready to sell the product. However, their lack of us also on hand. After all, without bumpers, you can try to see the suspension elements of the vehicle. There is no doubt that she’s just as powerful version of Raptor. And the ground clearance of the car is appropriate. But if this is not a test “mule” cropped “Raptor”, what is? Maybe Ford plans and even tests the “charged” modification of the future Bronco? Anyway, the wheelbase of this truck came to be at the time of the 3-door version of the upcoming SUV.

We are still inclined to think that the paparazzi captured a prototype of the future short Bronco with units borrowed from the “Raptor”. In this case, the disguise is a pickup truck with its cab and a cargo platform is justified in comparison with the body of the new SUV. Although it is possible we see a test of some crazy project that ultimately will not fall on the conveyor. And, maybe, for him, even no one in the end won’t know.

But regardless of its purpose, this truck definitely caught our attention. Will there be units “Raptor” at the new Bronco, we have yet to learn, but not soon, since the debut of the SUV will take place only next year.