Testing The MINI From the Year 2030

Testing The MINI From the Year 2030


This video has been sponsored by RAID: Shadow LegendsInstallRaid for Free ✅Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack đŸ’¥Available only for the next 30 days đŸ’¥This is the Mini Vision Urbanaut, the Mini of the year 2030. This futuristic car is still a concept car at the moment but rumor has it that it will actually hit the production line.Today @Sergi.Galiano takes you through the Mini from the future and shows you why it’s one of the coolest cars in the world and what to expect from cars from the futureYou can follow Supercar Blondie on:

behind me is the mini of the future this is the mini vision urban art and i have the token this is the heart and soul of the car and alex couldn’t make it but i got the backup alex kind of looks the same she likes cars so i’m going to show her around the mini of the future what do you think that’s awesome i actually love it let’s do it hold the token and now push it towards the car like that yeah look at that the force so what’s cool is that these two panels detach and once the doors are fully open look at this interior this thing is actually the same size as a mini countryman but they’ve extended the wheels all the way to each end so what you get is a much more spacious interior when you go inside let’s move that like this literally you can hop inside too as well yeah you want space for me yeah yeah i do i’m gonna pop this key right here watch what that does all right this is called vibe mode and i can turn the seat like this and now the entire front comes down now why would you want the front of the car to come down well it’s because now i can sit down i can sit down on the dash so the entire front of the car actually comes up because the reason why they designed this car was because they found out that the younger generations what they wanted to do was to hang out with friends and work from like you know different locations so in here you can work you can hang out with friends someone can pass you a drink right and with five mode what you get is you get the lights at the front matching with your song you see the wheels are actually lighting up and the reason for that is because over here you have no blinkers why would a car have no blinkers because in the future we don’t need blinkers at the front we can actually use the wheels as the blinkers themselves so this can actually light up and indicate for you get the same in the back wheels and this entire thing is like a glass panel with more of these kind of lights you come in close you can actually see that there’s 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where you will be notified with your new goodies you’ll get an epic hero channaroo 200 000 silver one experience point boost and one energy check it out go take a look at it let’s continue with the video all right lily i got more modes for you yeah that was just one mode but there’s a lot more when you hop inside you’ll see that because we’re in vibe mode you actually have your music displayed up here and this thing is glowing which looks super super cool now i can grab this and i can take it from vibe mode to chill mode watch that so this now becomes a lamp it’s not a screen anymore and in chill mode you can bring these back like this like that and this one comes down like that so everyone could just kind of chill let’s hang out and there’s a lot of space back here to be honest it’s cozy right you can just chill imagine it’s like a little living room and what i think is super cool about hanging around back here is that you have this shy technology this kind of ambient lighting everywhere it goes over the entire arch here in the back and i think that’s pretty cool but can this car even drive i’m glad you asked because actually you can oh so uh this i can just bring that back into the driving position like that and i get the token and take it from chill mode to wanderlust mode like that that comes back up and this comes back up by the way i completely forgot to mention that at the front you see that zipper that’s not there by accident that’s a very visual zipper yeah it’s actually that’s actually cool in the zipper really ever seen a steering wheel come out no yeah that’s pretty cool it’s actually made out of like this kind of cork material as well yeah i noticed which is super cool because the entire car is about sustainability and recycling so the floor is also cork the entire car is made out of recycled material what was that incredible but where’s our seat belts seat belts may be a thing of the past so what they’re envisioning is if this car is on the roads by 2030 hopefully by then every car will be connected onto a system where every car will be aware of the other one is so there will be no collisions therefore no need for a seatbelt i mean that would be pretty sick to be honest if that could happen you know that’s pretty sick the one thing i forgot to mention is there’s a zipper right there right now it’s pretty visual and that’s not by accident you can actually unzip this and if you do decide to chill that can become your sleeping bag sleepovers yeah yes this is in drive mode right now uh wanderlust mode so we can’t sleep in it right now but we’ll zip that back up check out the dashboard as well look at that yeah exactly look now that now that you’re in wanderlust mode you have the dashboard with those cool little lights up there and yeah you can pretty much hit the road as long as you bring that glass back down uh you can drive who’s driving uh sometime in the future it will drive bring that back up like this and you are ready to have a nice little family trip no family yet we’ll get there we’ll get there all right let’s hop out you guys thought that alex was the only person that could get cars in the future no no we can get them too so make sure you guys like and subscribe to supercar blondie and that is the mini of the future

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