Tests noticed a rather unusual prototype Renault Megane

Tests noticed a rather unusual prototype Renault Megane

In the Spanish streets was seen unusual Renault test mule, disguised under the current Megane with a very friendly driver.

Compact hatchback received the dilators of wings at both the front and rear and possible the charging port on the driver’s side. This suggests that we have before us a plug-in hybrid with the upcoming setup E-Tech. For some reason Renault decided to put dark-grey camouflage in the front and rear of the car and white on the door handles.

On one of the spy shots of a test mule based on the Megane visible in front of other strange car based on the Clio of the previous generation in a more practical form of a wagon with similar trims on the wheel arches and increased ground clearance.

As for the Megane, we can’t help but wonder whether this test mule to hide any other car, for example from the most expensive next-generation with its plug-in hybrid powertrain. Given that a compact crossover is already more than four years, it makes sense.