That is capable of Junior Bronco Sport? (video)

That is capable of Junior Bronco Sport? (video)


American manufacturer Ford to the official YouTube channel dedicated to the new SUV Bronco showed features on the roads a smaller version of the new Bronco Sport.

Along with a full-size Bronco buyers will be offered a compact Sport Bronco and that its off-road ability decided to check out the testers of the company. As you can see from the video, the Ford Bronco became a worthy heir of the legendary car a quarter century ago.


A smaller version of the model will get a more affordable price, more economical power plant and a solid design. Bronco Sport may seem a compact crossover for the city, but it turns out it will not confuse even serious off-road.

For purity of experiment it was taken completely factory equipment and standard tyres. You can see that the SUV is ready for a really hard test and readily passes the sand dunes and rough road.

It should be noted that the tests were conducted near the town of Moab, Utah. These places are known to all lovers of SUVs in the United States. They often gather in this area to test the capabilities of their cars and their own skills.

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