That will be a “Kruzak”? A compilation of facts about the new Land Cruiser

That will be a “Kruzak”? A compilation of facts about the new Land Cruiser


Over the last couple of years, almost all of the iconic SUVs have changed a generation. And some of them remained faithful to traditional design, and the other went on about the modern trends, becoming ideologically closer to the crossovers. For example, the new Suzuki Jimny and Mercedes Gelandewagen retained in the design of the frame, axles and differentials with locks, and a fresh Defender received a monocoque made of aluminum and a bunch of electronic assistants.

The only car from the company of the true SUV, which is produced without changes for more than 12 years, remains a Land Cruiser 200. However, rumors about the new generation of SUV circulating in the press for a long time, and it seems that his debut is still in the offing. So what’s new Land Cruiser and when it will appear? Answer seven major questions about the future novelty.

As it will be called?

In the Network a long time there is information that the new Toyota Land Cruiser will receive the index 300, but the official representatives of the brand, these data do not confirm nor deny. There is a version that the Japanese company may abandon the digital index in the model name. In any case, in the name of the legendary car will remain the phrase Land Cruiser, which, it seems, is becoming a household name.


How will he look like?

Artists and designers have often fantasized on the subject of how it will look next Land Cruiser. The Japanese so carefully hide their impending new product that the machine was not even seen in the dense camouflage on the test trials.

Moreover, last fall Toyota vypusta a big press release in which it stated that “the majority renders the Network does not correspond to reality.” In the same release stated that the design of the car has not yet finalized by the manufacturer. So any attempt to predict future traits of the novelty is unlikely to be successful. On the other hand, we can confidently say that the shape of the Land Cruiser like a huge wheel arches square shape, broad grille and short overhangs will surely be on the new generation car.

The frame will remain?

This is probably the main issue of concern to all owners, and just fans of the current Land Cruiser 200. I hasten to reassure them: the frame is left! The next generation SUV, though, and will be built using solutions modern architecture TNGA, but will have its own platform and body frame construction. Moreover, in its composition will be applied to a large number of aluminium and high alloy steels, because the engineers had the task to facilitate a new generation of almost 200 pounds. Body – this is one of those sites where you can save a great weight.

And what are the motors?

Hard course for weight loss didn’t just appear. The fact that the new Land Cruiser must meet strict environmental demands, and so it needs to be economical and consume less fuel than the predecessor.

One reducing weight there is not enough, so the engines will be completely modernized. In particular, the Japanese can abandon the petrol V8. At least about this possibility in an interview with CarAdvice said the head of the Department of planning and development Toyota Australia Bernard Nadal, calling the disappearance of the V8 engine a “global trend.”

However, according to insiders Japanese edition Bestcarweb top for the new Land Cruiser will be a hybrid engine, consisting of naduvnoj petrol “six” and an electric motor. The same 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 will be the base petrol unit. In addition, the engine range will be a Land Cruiser and a six-cylinder turbo diesel 3.4 litres. All motors will be combined only with automatic transmission. However, it is possible that the transmission will be a CVT(!).


The current Land Cruiser 200 offer Ukraine with gasoline V8 with a capacity of 309 HP for 60 $ 9,000.

What will be the full drive?

And here there is no doubt that the Toyota Land Cruiser will remain committed to the traditional “hardware”. Surely the car will be a huge number of driver’s assistants and electronic assistants, including for off-road use. However, there is no doubt that the asset Land Cruiser will remain “transfer case” lock-in reduction gearing and rear cross-axle differential lock.

When will the new Land Cruiser 300?

Initially it was assumed that the new generation car could make his debut almost a year. However, this information was refuted. Then the media began to circulate rumors about the release of the car in the first quarter of 2021. The situation in the world and in the automotive industry in particular in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, may force the Japanese to postpone the launch of the model even in the summer of 2021. However, no official statements to this effect from the Toyota is not.

How much will it cost?

Any attempt to predict prices right now seems pointless. One thing is certain: the new generation car will be more expensive than its predecessor. Recall now that the price of Land Cruiser 200 starts from $ 60 $ 900 and can reach 76 $ 300 for a top PREMIUM.

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