That’s it… Jeep Wrangler became an electric car

That’s it… Jeep Wrangler became an electric car


American brand Jeep has unveiled a series of special off-road vehicles that will take part in the traditional Easter safari in Utah this spring. Among them, we were interested in the conceptual Jeep Magneto. This is because it is electric.

In fact, we have before us nothing more than a rework from the usual three-door gasoline Jeep Wrangler SUV. Apparently, the engineers did not change the suspension and even the transmission. But the gasoline V6 was replaced by an electric motor with similar characteristics.

A feature of the electric motor is that it has an axial magnetic flux. In simple terms, the rotor in it resembles a disc in shape, and the engine itself looks like a round pie or, for example, a clutch basket. You may have seen something similar in the form of motor-wheels on e-bikes.

The advantage of this circuit is its compactness: the electric motor takes up almost no space under the hood. This turned out to be important for Jeep, as no one provided space for the battery in this SUV.

There are four batteries in total. Two were located just under the hood, for which such an unusual engine was needed. Another one replaced the fuel tank, and the fourth had to be placed in the trunk.

The total capacity of the four batteries was 70 kilowatt-hours. The creators do not disclose the range on a single charge, but they report that the entire system operates at a very advanced voltage of 800 volts, which implies the possibility of fast charging.

The Jeep Magneto has 290 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque. The SUV accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.8 seconds. So far, no one talks about plans for its mass production, but the name Magneto itself may well be used for the brand’s future electric car.

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