That’s not what we dreamed of: remote suspension update

That’s not what we dreamed of: remote suspension update


Previously, many believed that in the future, cars will fly. The future has come, but so far only the improvement of the suspension can “fly in” …

We have long been accustomed to the need to update the software of our smartphones, even accustomed to the fact that many new cars themselves can update the firmware of many of their electronic units “over the air”, without a visit to the dealer and without the participation of the owner. However, “remote suspension upgrade” still sounds crazy. However, now there is such a thing. Tesla will remotely enhance the Model S’s suspension and automatic parking.

Tesla has completely rethought the suspension damping algorithm. The update will allow the electric vehicle to operate more smoothly and improve comfort. As you drive actively, the vehicle will also adjust to the driver and try to improve traction.

The second major update concerns automatic parking, which Tesla calls “Autopark”. The car will now be able to easily park in parallel and perpendicular slots. At speeds up to 25 km / h, the Tesla Vision system will automatically find a suitable parking slot for the car. After that, the driver will only have to press a button and the autopilot will park the car by itself.

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