The $2 Million Mustang Eleanor!

The $2 Million Mustang Eleanor!


This is the real 1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor 1 of 3 Hero Cars driven by Nicholas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds. The car is valued at US$2 million and has one!My Cap Store – Follow me on:Music by:Fuzzy On The Details – Global GeniusPolar Dub – Marshall WatsonI’ve got it bad – The SheenIf it’s all the same – Cy Curnin

whoa whoa stop God Supercup on the year and I am in a super special car you may have already recognized it if you’ve seen the movie Gone in sixty Seconds this is one of the cars that Nicolas Cage drove in the movie so for the movie they built eleven of these cars for all of the shots but only three were used for the driving scenes these are so-called hero cars so they’re fully functioning cars and that’s one of those three all of the other ones were not fully built cars some of them like were just built for interior shots for example and I’m here in East Germany who would have thought chrome cars has this car some of you are watching this and going no way I’m gonna pick it to pieces this is a copy because this is one of the most copied movie cars in the world but I’m going to get the expert in in just a second to point out some of the features that shows that this is actually one of the three originals this is kind of one of the only things that shows you that it was a car from the movies look at these air vents here they’re closed off a fake so they just tacked on body kits to make the car look really cool the exhaust tips in the movie were for show only they did not work the exhaust actually came from out the back after the movie finished they wanted to sell these cars so they had to make them actually function properly it went back to cinema vehicle services they’re the guys that actually make cars for movies and they retrofitted a whole new exhaust system that functions so that they could sell this these cars onto the public so on all three original movie cars you’ll now see these new exhaust tips there’s also nitrous which we’re going to have a look at now some of the movie Cars you could see the nitrous right behind where they were sitting in this car it’s actually in a boot you just pull on this little latch here – there it is the tank that’s cool let’s get it in because I know you guys want to see the interior of the car slam that this is actually functioning here that works to fill up you never know what’s real what’s fake on blue because this wheel is special guys take a look at this this is an original wheel built for Shelby I think it’s time to bring in the expert who is standing by Chris this is crus everyone from chrome cars they’re the guys that own this car and you’re pretty much an Illinois expert right listen like on geek level let’s say no yeah yeah that’s good yeah no it is quite appropriate he’s like yeah and then this feature over here and then that feature I’m like okay calm down calm down we’ll go through all the features okay where do you want to start because I know that it’s super important to you to show certain features that make this like a hundred percent fully undoubtable that these are young original from the movie you pointed let’s start with the hood most of the replicas have like a copy of the of that very custom front end yeah but the very main point to point that it’s an original car is the hood actually they’re good the shape of the hood and the shape of the scoop whenever you see a replica they’re like very edgy very straight like that and it looks actually cheap and the reason for this is that they used an original Shelby hood and they reshaped it a little bit so that’s very unique and trademarked it actually cuz the original Shelby hood was actually open here right right so in order to close it off to look like this movie cart they actually just had to create this piece and it ended up looking just really square so it just came down here and then booms yeah looks more smooth than that yeah yeah so there are lots of different bits and pieces on this car to tell whether it’s an original but if you want to get super super nerdy let’s go have a look at what’s under the hood got it okay now in the movie guys you don’t actually get to see under the hood so for those of you have seen the movie like well this isn’t tell me anything no not only for the freaks and geeks over here they look under the hood and this is like the stamp you need yeah you really need to know what kind of like suspension parts they used for the for the hero cars what engines what transmission and and stuff like that so you have to have the total control products suspension parts the VIN number we need to just point out yeah that’s that’s right here for the super nerds the super super nerds what’s not nerdy though is driving this car yeah it’s just pure awesome now you need to keep your foot on the gas a little bit otherwise it will just come out there’s a bit of an issue with the seat belt why I’m not wearing one not as skinny as Nicholas Cage so we’re just gonna try and reverse what are into reverse good ok off we go never thought I think I would be driving nearly done in 60 seconds here in East Germany okay we ready for some nitrous action [Laughter] you can tell right you can actually arm the nitrous in this car you can hook it up they just haven’t hooked it up yet that’s the next time they come back the nitrous will be hooked up right chrome cars you got me this one actually I wanted to ask you because we know that one of these cars was sold for a million dollars in 2013 we’re now 2019 how much do you think you could get for this I mean it’s six years ago and the value just keeps rising so we’re not afraid to say it’s double the price it’s a two million probably yeah and that’s actually an unrestored car yeah well the others are some touch-ups here some new paint job here and change parts so that’s as it was in the movie so you’ve done nothing no no just keeping a good life right yeah yeah yeah driving while here and sparkplugs yeah what do you have to do to make it work she’s an old girl she’s an old girl she’s temperamental she says yes when she wants to be driven you can drive her when she wants her days off yep just leave leaving off don’t touch her totally agree I hope you enjoyed the video give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to my account be part of the supercar blondie family if you’re not yet massive thank you to Chrome cars for inviting me to East Germany here to look at their incredible collection you can see their link in the description below if you’d like to get into contact with them it’s been awesome here driving the Eleanor from the movie on an airstrip here in Germany how crazy is that right love your mouth I’m breathing through my so it’s common go through this step all just about the money it’s the beauty of life swings

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