The $8,000 Challenge with Brent Rivera!

The $8,000 Challenge with Brent Rivera!


I’m doing the 7 second challenge with Brent Rivera (@brentrivera). Whoever wins gets a free install of SunTek’s Paint Protection Film, worth $8,000!Thanks to Suntek for sponsoring this video, and shoutout to Envious Detailing for the awesome install. If you want the best protection for your car check out SunTek here: Locate a SunTek PPF dealer near you: Check out Brent’s YouTube Channel here – Follow me on:Music by:Mime Out of Line – Brent BourgeoisMiso Mama – Global GeniusThis Video has been sponsored by SunTek

right I’m gonna scratch up your car right now make you ready for this it’s a wire brush ready oh yeah that’s a good one okay good thing is this has some tech PPF on it so this will actually self heal in the song the scratches will disappear for now to speed up the process we’ve got the heat gun check out what happens completely disappears a couple of me here in LA and today it’s gonna be a very nice car hey what’s up man nice car oh thank you you too is this is brand everyone Sarah check him out here give him some love what’s gonna happen is Suntech paint protection film is going to offer one of us an $8,000 PPA on it one of our cars okay the thing is we’re gonna have to fight to the death thank you the debt that sounds that sounds scary well it’s worth it this is your mic on hi yes Haley yes this is my daily driver yeah uh-huh what we’re gonna do is we’re going to do a challenge today seven second challenge whoever wins is going to go and get their PPF coat on their car now brain yes you don’t actually have PPF right I mean I didn’t even ask no I have nothing on this car that’s just poop that’s no actually I think this might know a set over here here’s a little is that oh there’s a little nick there you go that’s an ink we don’t know that so this is the deal guys when you get PPF on your car it’s going to avoid all of the rocks like spraying into your car and getting Nicks and scratches and stuff on it and you know the other thing is when you look at this you see how sometimes you can see like the swirling no like this right now so what happens is the PPF when you like wash the car wash the PPF and it gets the swirlies I like how you call it this well it then actually just from the heat re heals itself like self-healing yeah which is kind of weird from the Sun if it’s your car I’m gonna take your keys and go get it on for you yeah if it’s my car you can take the Evo and go get it that doesn’t sound too bad either I might make you win no way a little bit yeah I mean it sounds like I would get the PPF code but you get to drive the hurricane yeah whereas if you get the PPF I get to drive your car sounds good to me let’s do it right deal deal okay let’s get going I know what they say if you park your car and you look back at it you have the right car it’s true if you don’t look at your car when you walk away you need to sell it immediately yeah it doesn’t matter all right I’m building you a little water tower right what’s this for I know it’s the weirdest 7 second second challenge ever okay what you’re gonna do is you drive as fast as you can towards these water bottles and you have to stop like as close as possible to them without getting them and you’re not allowed to stop like 5 meters away that’s a fail that’s it that’s an immediate disqualification so close I can as close as you can to the bottles without knocking the mover over and you have to do it in seven seconds so there’s a little bit of pressure there as well all right which car do you want well I feel like I know my car better I know the like the dissident of that in that case you’re taking the Evo all right it’s just like he’s alright no issues all right seatbelt first safety alright let’s see how this goes I’m not gonna go too fast cuz we’re still in the neighborhood but I like it get some good speeds get ready dude that’s a massive wind it is that’s how close I am to failing school alright so now it’s your turn yeah so you’re seven second challenge is to weave in and out of bottles without knocking them over what you’re gonna have to like really music it in seven seconds you ready I’m gonna set this up I’m gonna say I’m guessing she’s gonna knock this one over that third one here we got three two one but that was seven seconds but yeah you skip this one so I might have to give you a fail their challenge number two okay the challenge is can you pick up a girl in seven seconds with the Huracan evo okay so like a random girl roll car pull up and it has to be seven seconds only seven seconds to get the girl in the car and drive off I’ve never done this before tables then turn and I have to do the same thing I have to pick up a random guy hey you alright I’m Toya for it let’s do it we are in the local shopping center make this one like driving IQ there’s a girl just chilling on the corner over there like she’s on her phone how old is she I don’t know I can’t see her face she’s facing the other way probably maybe your age no although that would be good okay no she’s like your age she’s just something over there she’s got long brown hair okay yeah okay are you ready okay yeah yeah target in sight okay any time here we go okay you’ve got seven seconds remember you oh man I’m so bad at this okay good loss so I’m gonna stay here okay okay okay I’ll watch me whip off okay okay oh my gosh I am so nervous let’s see what happens here we go I excuse me um would you be down and like go for a ride real quick um like hop in the car and like go for like a quick like like spin okay yeah bye have a nice day she denied me oh my gosh I die literally don’t even know to do I feel so like defeated right now she said no you’re in a Lamborghini how could you fail I don’t know I feel so embarrassed right now say ah I’m okay who wouldn’t want to go for a ride so would you you’re saying no the Lamborghini right maybe maybe I look – creepiest am i hey want to come in yeah that I have failed at this challenge it is your turn to fail at the challenge this challenge because I am convinced that it’s not gonna happen I feel like a guy though I mean if I was a guy in a girl to me the lamb burger I’d be like sure I think I have higher chances yeah as a guy in a Lambo is a little bit creep yeah but a girl in a Lambo it may be not so creepy yeah yeah okay let’s see here we go good luck okay thank you that’s weak arcing there’s some older people up here I’m looking at like there’s this guy in a blue shirt over here that’d be so fun dude get me someone normal good like I don’t want to be going around with some freak in 11 there’s like so many people over there maybe maybe you just literally just like try and find someone like just go over there and just say okay so I go over to LA Fitness some guys are walking out of it okay all right donkeys in that gun inside I reckon I reckon I can do it I say like three or four over there just like don’t go for it yeah just wait a couple of guys coming young oh my god okay should I do it he’s on this fine night excuse me sorry this is a bit random but I was just wondering if you wanted to come for a ride in the Lambo is this yours yeah wait really yeah you want to come in we got to be quick about this you want to come in it like I mean I was gonna go hang on my girlfriend but yeah dude how about Queen is coming in do I get to see her oh it’s nice to meet you nice to meet you yeah what do you what are you guys doing this woman’s um well you’re actually filming a YouTube video oh sorry I just drive around like supercars on my YouTube videos oh okay yeah that’s kind of my thing okay so do you want to go for a drive yeah let’s do it okay you go front let me see this nauseous dang you won that one I guess it’s why not – why that believe it how to actually I can’t believe it so what did it what did he said he was on the fire to his girlfriend no way yes she never got a cigar all right so final challenge in seven seconds I’m gonna give you a letter uh-huh and you’ve got to name three either car manufacturers or car models that start with that letter okay this is my okay guys so this is the decider whoever gets these skips they call people yes all right okay sounds good okay okay so let me think of a letter okay I got mine okay I’m gonna blank I usually already said serious yeah okay we are the Burton the letter is so on three two one b b BMW billing it off Barchetta that’s three right did I have to name seven yes it was named as many as you can okay BMW watches oh yes Berlinetta knows about but he saw all right I’m Zack for sure yeah your letter is L go L laferrari Lotus Land Rover Lexus Lamborghini LFA l l CF or else L C 500 okay you beat me on the couch oh here let me give you I can use yes and you just gonna chill out here at the pub well I know lay out by the pool or something well great deal I’ll bring it back in like a couple of days sounds good tonight all right this is gonna be my new daily not a bad trade I’ll show you what they’re doing to Brent’s car cause it’s mad these guys are living in like the year 2050 while the rest of us are in 2019 and with me we’re NBS detailing that’s whether applying the Sun tech people yeah look how shiny it is this is totally different from three days ago and look how cool this is this is this is what I was talking about outside he’s living in the Year 2015 these mats are your 3d scanning the job you’re actually right anyway sorry so you need this this year and you need that little bit of tech there to be able to scan this car through there and then here it actually starts to appear on the computer as you scan in the front there scanning the whole car so that when they print out the PPF it’s going to fit super super accurately over each little panel guys what is it 72 72 that’s literally what we’re hearing over and over again it’s 272 which basically means you can use one sheet whole hood whereas with other companies you have to like break up the sheets so there are scenes this would would have three different panels on it which means basically dirt and stuff can get into the seams so you can see it after a few years you’re not going to be able to see that Thank You one lucky mofo now we go here we go here we got Thomas the big moment fine so you guys if you didn’t know about PPF it’s basically just going to protect your car and make it look like new for you know years and years to come and that I’m very impressed by yeah something all right so if you’re looking to get ppm that’s the brand that you need to look out for and you can actually get three types of application yes before threat just the front because that’s where you get the most likes townships kind of things flying down the highway right right you at the front and then you’ve got the track package right so where does that cover it’s going to be the full front and then also including the a-pillars up here yep all the high impact zones sorry rockers the rear impacts would be like back in here behind on the rear bumper right okay so that makes sense but if you’re gonna track your car right so if you go to the track a lot you can get just those areas protected and then the other one is obviously like the full car right which is what this is doing yeah they’ve got a ten year warranty on this product that’s how confident they are with it they’re just gonna leave this until tomorrow to wrap this all underneath and get this perfect and then Brent’s gonna come pick up the car and we’re gonna get Brent sports when it’s fully done so guys please support companies that support this channel this is how I get to be able to fly around the world and keep showing you guys the most amazing cars so please get up Suntech I only work with the best friends I promise you they’ve done such an amazing job the prices will surprise you you don’t have to get the whole car done you can just get the hood or whichever bits that you think will benefit you the most see you guys thank you thank you we’ll see you soon it’s all ready to go check it out there’s like a wrap on it holy crap check this out look there’s like no no signs of like anything Wow holy crap I am so happy right now when I’m in like LA and stuff driving around like I get so nervous because there’s so many things that can like fly in your car I’m gonna be less worried about that kind of stuff so I’m super super happy about it thank you super car blondie for this obviously I won the challenge but I am so thankful thank you so much I’m surprised that you actually picked up the guy though blonde girl in bright red light yeah I feel like it’s again gosh that big but it’s kind of its kind of a given let’s just be honest yeah okay yeah all right we’re all that’s it seven second challenge done over now

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