The $9 Million Ultimate Throwback Hypercar! Bugatti Centodieci

The $9 Million Ultimate Throwback Hypercar! Bugatti Centodieci


Bugatti has created another incredible Hypercar, the Centodieci. The car pays homage to the EB110 for a few reasons. One of them, is that it’s the 110th anniversary of Bugatti. I’m chatting to our favourite guy Frank Heyl, to explain everything about the design of this car.Follow me on:Music by:Champ by Gunnar Olsen

this is my favorite part of the car so I’m just gonna chill out here for a bit someone bring me a drink ready here we are this is the moment the chant or DHE in real life this is so exciting you guys what’s up supercar blondie here at Pebble Beach in California and with me should we start at the back because that’s really where I’m just falling in love with this car on the pictures I didn’t actually realize that they would be 3d you see how they totally come out here for me these taillights make this car that’s really really beautiful on the sheer on the tail light kind of runs along the back of the body here but it’s attached to the body and then on the Evo you do have like this kind of 3d tail light element but not to this level like this is quite extreme you may realize that this looks somewhat like the EB 110 that came out in the 90s especially here this design element here on the side these air intakes that’s actually functional it’s not just as for design purposes that’s gonna feed straight into the engine and help cool that down there’s an EB 110 right here just take a little bit you see they have very similar design element here on the side this is a w16 eight leader and it’s actually going to have 100 more horsepower than the Sheeran so 1,600 horsepower they’re not officially bringing out any 0 to 100 stats yet we have heard around 2.4 seconds but of course isn’t actually yet in production so they still got to test all of that out as soon as they have those official starts I’m going to get those over to you guys why in the world have they brought the EB 110 buck we’re going to talk to Frank a little bit more about why they have chosen that era to bring back and I think that’s probably a good time right now to invite him in are you guys ready Frank’s ready what’s up man nice to see you nice to see you always this is Frank everyone if you haven’t seen him on my previous Bugatti videos he is the head designer of exterior at Bugatti and the perfect person to talk to you about why this looks the way it does why don’t we start I mean the whole 110 anniversary you were talking to me earlier about why you’re bringing the 90s back I love the 90s by the way 90s best early on in the year this is a hundred and tenth anniversary of the company so we thought we use this year to reflect back on to our very colorful history yeah it’s been many ups and downs in the company history and early on in the year in Geneva we had the lava to noir which paid homage to the actual original type 57s the Atlantic and we thought it’s it’s also time now actually to to recognize and to actually look back at the 91st well this is a fantastic cars you have to see they had four turbochargers in the 90s yeah four-wheel drive broke a lot of Records with this car right it’s an outstanding car so this was like the superstar of the era right the EB 110 and so you guys wanted to kind of pay homage to that superstar element and bring it back you can see definitely with the three separate air intakes at the front and smaller horseshoe looks quite similar this comes from the proportion to us designers proportion is the most important how is the car how wide is that one of the overhangs how big are the widgets what the wheelbase and what is the gesture how’s the volume action yeah and the volume of this is a which that’s that’s a new thing for us it’s a wedge it’s a wedge forward facing forward leaping I can look at the EB 110 yeah it is basically the typical 90s era yeah can you point out what you think is actually bringing the EB 110 into the future is this car yeah right you have to get a good view of the profile of the car yeah side so you see these these lines are sloping downwards that’s the first for us actually oh yeah and because usually on the bevel on the Shiva also on the Deva we have this kind of sovereign gesture in the cow it’s kind of leaning back okay so here’s all leaping forward and that’s what connects the car also to to the styling of the EB 110 right because that line also goes for school having said that the body side of the EB 110 is completely flat body side of this has a lot of sculpture to my twin concave convex and if I may say so sexy muscle of the rear wheel arch the bulging wheel arches yeah to get this which we had to lower the front okay so usually on the sheer on also on the veil we have an upright horseshoe yeah and that makes the bonnet a bit higher so here we actually reduce the size of the horseshoe yeah another citation to the EB 110 to get the bonnet lower I can actually start this which line off in the lower place and this is also why the back is a little bit higher right usually if you tell a designer make the back higher you’ll say oh no that’s we need to talk about this kind of C curve that Bugatti is known for you see it really here on the shear on right it’s very curved and then here on the Devo it’s also curved just a little bit smaller like this but here now Frank you’ve got kind of it’s not curved at all it’s kind of squared off that’s right we start off with the visor theme so from the top edge of the windscreen we run into the this C line or the poverty line yeah but it’s it’s much more edgy and wedged angle right so it’s a new interpretation of I feel lost though it’s meant to be curved well this is the beauty of actually being able to do all these coach good projects yeah we have our main product right Sharon and from that as a base we can shoot into very specific other directions okay yeah sorry next time we’re not even gonna see you see we’re gonna see like a t-shirt like yeah it’s cool guys don’t worry about it actually when you might should mention that this is like a visor it is I didn’t realize that before this you can’t see through this is a yes support is a structural element and yet for all over for stability so it’s a blacked out April oh that connects yeah visually the screen okay we can’t go without something out what’s happening in the back because this is actually my favorite angle to look at the car and what he’s going on with these exhausts that’s right we created so much more downforce in the front that we also needed to counterbalance the downforce on the rear so we put the brain and we also worked on the efficiency of the diffuser so normally on a on a sheer on yeah the exhausts are in the middle those are kind of inspired by an f6 lightening jet afterburner so you have the the two double barrel no I can we have the afterburn effect though I’ll be so cool though hey like LED lights around them just so we can kind of see them afterburn anything I’ll see that you wanted to point out I mean they’re lights the 3d so you see on the tip on the back of a EB 110 yeah there are these ventilation slots and it’s a similar theme even though it’s inverted right right and it’s still functional because they actually streamed through to ventilate the engine bay obviously you couldn’t just bring these lights here in the front and pop them on something in 2019 where those lights were already quite unusual in the 90s with them being so close together with a fan in actual air outlet no and there was nowhere to be seen right so we made a headlight that is still very close together right but super slim and has an integrated air outlet and that error that actually relieves the pressure from the real world so that actually creates downforce from the Rings as well we’ve got seven spoke here you guys definitely wanted to get that element in the new car as well congratulations it’s all been sold so obviously are very loved in the market and there are details on it that I think that absolutely congratulate you for are there so so stunning I can’t wait to see what’s next to be pointed out is the baby of our boss mr. mister director yeah so he did a lot of sketching right himself but it’s also never to be never to be completed without a good team yeah and I get to stand here okay but I represent our of course it’s a whole team there’s a there’s a lot of talent in our team and I’m very very very honored to be able to work just the camera talent you couldn’t literally pop this on something in 2019 either cuz she doesn’t sing this being brought back it’s like a table you just yeah it does your wing is completely different obviously no no should we do find some couples yeah I actually why is this not happen already for the car holders on the back incorporated into the wing now that’s an idea right right I want to see this on the neck base number yeah that’s how I D can’t steal that guys this is my favorite part in the car so I’m just gonna chill out here for a bit someone bring me a drink alright guys I think that’s it give us a quick thumbs up to make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet this is where you get the coolest cars in the world massive thanks to Frank was the on the next video man thank you so much thank you and for now we’re out love you

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