The advantages of repair of turbine on network STO


Feature a factory balanced turbine in that it is prepared to operate for 10 years or more without a break. In a car the turbine has no moving parts. Breakdowns occur solely because of poor filters, untimely replacement of oil (or the use of unsuitable types), low-quality fuel. In such cases, repair of turbines – and to trust it is a specialized professional organization.

Repair – only in factory conditions

The restoration of the turbine has nothing to do with work in the “garage” conditions. In sweatshops there are no conditions and equipment for the qualitative diagnostics and balancing, Assembly, testing, and proper installation. And Vice versa – repair in factory conditions allows you to restore the turbocharger to the factory settings. This means that he will once again be ready to serve for about 10 years.

Quality of work provides a chain of service stations on repair of turbines Turbot is the first in Ukraine network shop, specialising exclusively in working with automotive turbochargers. One HUNDRED Turboto located in six major cities of the country:

  • Kiev
  • Kharkiv –
  • Odessa
  • Kryvyi Rih, Lviv and Chernivtsi.

The benefits of network STO

Repair of turbines in Turbot carried out according to uniform quality standards applicable across the network. In each HUNDRED of the company’s specialists are ready to guarantee the result and to provide a quality service. In all branches of the staff are spent and the most effective principles of service following the correct methodology of the repairs.

Among the most relevant advantages of repair of turbine cars in the ITV network Turbot can be distinguished:

  1. Complex repair of turbines. All services – one in the garage, without the need to outsource.
  2. All types of work: from removal to diagnostics, repair, balancing, inspection and installation.
  3. Own warehouse of original spare parts and high-quality analogues, new and remanufactured turbochargers.
  4. Affordable pricing. We select individual solutions for each client. Always in stock items in different price categories.
  5. Innovative diagnostics. Computer examination of the turbine, borescopes, modern tuning stand – we learn everything about your unit, sometimes even without the need for its removal.
  6. This warranty. 3 years on refurbished turbine, excluding the mileage and other “hidden” conditions.

Impressive performance

Mission network STO Turboto is to make the process of repair of the turbine is available to all vehicle owners, comfortable and as fast as possible. Continuous development and involvement of a team of experts interested in the quality performance of duties give us the opportunity to realize this mission.

Turboto is 5 years of experience in the repair of turbines of all categories of complexity. This 500 turbo, restored monthly. A team of 50 specialists, working responsibly in six cities. It’s great quality, and guaranteed long-term result of repair.

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