The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio | Chris Harris Drives

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio | Chris Harris Drives


In this new series, Chris Harris Drives, exclusively on and the YouTube channel, Chris gives the low down on a selection of awesome cars. In this first release, Chris puts the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio through it’s paces!Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

a very warm welcome to the first episode of our new show on top gear and an even warmer welcome to the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio a car I’ve been awaiting for what feels like an eternity this is the Italian m3 alphas answer to AMG and boy does it need to be good because the world needs great Italian cars and it is surely alphas last real chance so into its voluptuous four-door saloon body Alfa has dropped a thumping 512 horsepower twin turbocharged 2.9 liter v6 peak torque is 443 foot-pounds kerb weight is fifteen hundred and twenty four kilograms thanks to expensive bits like carbon pop shaft and bonnet the carrot rear-wheel drive and only the 8-speed ZF automatic is coming to the UK the test car was a manual don’t ask and was fitted with optional carbon ceramic brakes please please let it not be another full stone rubbish Alfa and the news is very very good indeed on the road this is a more comfortable car than the m3 it’s got some adaptive dampers here and you could put them into a soft mode which is independent of the kind of powertrain DNA so you can have a loud exhaust and all that stuff but you can still slacken the dampers off and like that this car has an advantage over the BMW and I’m really pleased they’ve done that it also feels like it’s got more rubber in the suspension so tyre and suspension noises it’s quieter than it isn’t a BMW – this is quite a refined car for long miles it’ll be a good thing to be inside this manual gearbox I’m not so sure about that shift College is a bit rubbery clutch pedal and movements not the best I thought I’d love the manual the fact that we’re not going to get it doesn’t worry me at all in the UK that is and the cabin well it’s a pretty good place to sit actually I’m comfortable the seat it’s good and though this is the optional carbon see the driving position is excellent you can make up your minds but it looks good or not I think it looks great it feels Italian okay some of the materials are not quite as good as they are on the m3 but you know what if you buy a car based on that you’re not so anyway so as a road car I think this thing is genuinely good for long journeys but it also has 500 horsepower it’s a bit too much to exploit on the public highway so I’m going to go somewhere and let it kind of show what it can do we are at a circuit which is both a good thing and a bad thing because this is a beautiful facility to use but it’s also the home of Alfa Romeo their test track Polacco and it won’t come as any surprise for you to realize that if the Giulia Quadrifoglio is going to work anywhere it’s going to work here because it was developed here what do we think first of all this engine really exciting I think in terms of a turbocharged motor that really goes at the top and this might be the best one I’ve ever driven this is a seriously fast car I reckon it’s 10% quicker than an m3 but what it doesn’t do is get going from low down in quite the same way as the m3 the torque peak is higher but then it’s more exciting at the top-end so actually it probably is a more exciting motor but it doesn’t have that CrazyTalk low down if I sometimes you feel yourself saying come on get going also the calibration I talked about on the road that’s a bit fluffy well it doesn’t matter so much on the circuit because you’re up it and going what about this chassis well first of all can we just stop and celebrate the fact that I’m driving a rear-wheel drive 500 horsepower Alfre mayor I didn’t think I’d ever say that so I’m just so happy but my mother let it cloud my objectivity what have we got here well this is supposed to be lighter than an m3 but it feels bigger bolder than an m3 so that’s not necessarily a good thing it’s on a sticky coarser tire have second gear yeah the front of the car is great a little bit of understeer and wash out but you can neutralize that with the throttle because it’s got so much torque is it really kind of slidable well let’s see yes it really is it’s got ample tools you don’t need a law I don’t feel a great sense of connection in the car I was doing everything else kind of gets in the way of that and I do feel more connected in an m3 so where are we I think we’ve got a shot see that can play comfortable on the road and super playful on the track which is just brakes massive ceramic things so yeah they’re pretty damn good brake pedal feel pretty good again the whole thing’s a little bit inert but that’s we expected quite a big saloon car engine revs down beautifully really does there are a couple of things worth noting the variable differential the calibration about the way it works with the engines talk I don’t think it’s quite as slick as you have in either the Mercedes c63 or the m3 white there but then I suppose having fun rear-wheel drive for about 20 or 30 years so they’ve got to start somewhere haven’t they okay I’ve got the dampers in the stiffest setting now and what it is revealing is that the rear axle location maybe isn’t quite up to the BMW either I’ve got occasionally just feel that it’s got a bit of rubber in a sub mount or something that’s not fully connected there but splitting hairs I love I mean come on it’s an alpha we can do that it’s just by if it’s an alpha the letting go of the back axle at a hundred and sixty case all is well with the world criticisms well the ESP system means that you can turn it off when you go into the full race mode which gives you the noisy engine and crispiest throttle response but if you trigger the ABS when you’ve got that switched off it brings some intervention back in which means that transitions are a problem I know that’s going to be a massive concern for all people that buy these cars when they’re driving them through for them but it’s not something worth noting for example that doesn’t happen in some of the German brands I think you know what I’m getting at here if you look at every single discipline of performance most of them the BMW and the Mercedes do a little bit better you ask me but it’s tiny degrees where the Alpha counters it’s got this ride comfort that the BMW can’t match I think that’s a big thing on the road please add them all up it just misses happening in certain little areas yes the engines better at the top end but I think the noise of this at low revs is a bit of a letdown it’s great when you get up it so is it as good as an m3 objectively no I don’t think it is but it’s not a million miles off and it looks fantastic I know it’s subjective and it’s out for a mayor it’s a lovely combination and I think however many they bring into the UK that all of them I think it’ll be a success I just think it’s the car that people want to drive so it’s a great effort a really really great effort did we really expect them to turn out and beat the best in the class straight out no we did so well done you guys I like this car I like Bellanca I’m gonna go have an espresso can turn them Italian you

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