The American dealers had a conflict with Fiat Chrysler

The American dealers had a conflict with Fiat Chrysler


Dealers of Fiat Chrysler accused the automaker in shipments of vehicles, which they did not order. Distributors FCA told Bloomberg that at some point the concern is literally overstock stores 40 thousands of cars that are not pre-orders from customers.

U.S. dealers of the brands included in the group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, on condition of anonymity told the press that the company was compelled retail sellers of vehicles to make an additional batch of vehicles that were not ordered.

Such measures will allow FCA to keep positive dynamics of production in a falling market and reduce costs, but the dealers were at a disadvantage because they needed to increase the number of sales amid falling demand. In addition, distributors had to invest in storage of unsold cars, including rental and security Parking.

Representatives of Fiat Chrysler deny the accusations. The concern refer to the new forecasting system of production and delivery, which allows you to “predict” the orders of dealers and make adjustments to production plans.

Director of communications at Fiat Chrysler Niel Golightly said that the automaker produces a vehicle “in accordance with projected demand”, so that “dealers are getting need when need them.” According to the FCA for the third quarter of 2019 in the warehouses there are only 1000 “disordered” vehicles not provided with orders.

An independent study by Edmunds has confirmed the correctness of the dealers that the cars of concern of the FCA is carried out in the warehouses of distributors a lot longer than vehicles of the competitors.


The way the average American car from the factory to the customer is 75 days, whereas the models of Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler are at dealers from 69 to 100 days, and the Italian Fiat and Alfa Romeo are looking for buyer from 94 to 187 days.

A month ago the concern FCA received sanction from the us Supervisory authorities for failing to meet standards for fuel economy. The auto giant will have to pay for the violation a penalty of $ 79 million.

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