The appearance of the first crossover Aston Martin declassified

The appearance of the first crossover Aston Martin declassified


Spanish edition of the Autopista has published the first photos of Aston Martin DBX crossover without camouflage. The official premiere of the novelty will take place in December. It is known that the SUV will get the most powerful biturbomotor V8 in the current range of “Aston”.

Under the hood Aston Martin DBX will be prescribed the most powerful 4.0-litre “byturbulence” in the line of the British. If Vantage and it gives DB11 510 forces and 685 (675 on DB11) Nm of torque, the V8 power boost to 550 forces and 700 Nm. Acceleration to “hundreds” is not yet known, but the “maximum speed”, DBX will definitely be more than 290 kilometers per hour. According to engineers, DBX rides the Nurburgring slower Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.


Before showing the car Aston Martin has introduced 11 sets of branded accessories for the model. There came a case for skis, boot dryer, four suitcases, a lockable storage compartment under the front seat and first aid kit with medicines and appliances for the transportation of Pets.

Production was launched at the new plant brand, located in the former base of the Royal air force in the British St. Athanasios. DBX platform in the future will form the basis of the Lagonda models, including ultra-luxury crossover.

Will there be a high demand for DBX?

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