The Arab Pro Skier Who’s Never Seen Snow

The Arab Pro Skier Who’s Never Seen Snow


I’m meeting the best Emirati Alpine Skier – Hassan Alfardan to take him skiing in the desert! We were hooked up with a Mazda CX-9 and special sand tyres from Continental, to tackle the dunes. What’s amazing is this Arab Pro Skier has never seen real snow in his life! Stay tuned for Part 2Follow me on:Mazda Youtube:

yes what’s up its super gobbledy I’m here in Dubai this is my home city we are just about to go and someone up and do something never before done the in Dubai its just about to pick up a mane in the desert whatever you’re thinking is gonna happen today you can’t guess what’s gonna happen today it’s something you’ve never seen before yeah huh son what’s up mate how are you ready to go I’m ready to go jump in here don’t worry I’ve got a Formica waiting okay it’s better right have you ever been in a limbo with your skis me no never but you are a professional skier but you’ve never seen real snow seeing as we don’t have a lot of snow in Dubai I thought we’d just go ski in the desert what do you think yeah let’s go yeah yeah good idea first time I heard that everyone else I told the sake all these fears have been alleviated pointed out we’ve got the CX sign it’s waiting out here in the desert for us we’re gonna go and take it skiing and now you’re actually more confident than you were not possible yeah that’s why you got the 4×4 arranged so what’s gonna happen we’ve got specific continental like desert tires on the car I’ve already crashed but we need to as well okay alright so we’ll do that we’ve got Continental coming actually so they’ll come over and works in the air for us then we’ll just get everything else okay we’re gonna take through the deserts you cx-9 the front of the car from these angle looks like a shock so this is all full expect out top-of-the-line nappa leather very nice heads-up display we’ve got Bose integrated 12 speakers that’s pretty cool and 7 Cedars you can fit seven skaters in the stuff how do you feel about bringing all your ski mates we can fit about five more of them yeah yeah it should be more comfortable than them yeah so this is digital display but it looks like the old analog system that’s that’s pretty cool 230 horsepower turbo engine it’s an all wheel drive so I think we’re safe I think I’m gonna make it over the desert he’ll I’m just gonna chill here in the aircon well Hassan is gonna get his sweat on behind the car we’re just waiting for the continental peeps to come and lower the tire pressure and then we’re gonna get going and you’re gonna be pulled behind this cart and we’re gonna see we reached higher all continental means coming got another 50 50 over here a chance yeah these things 50-50 chance what do you think how much 1.47 for one points for do you agree mean that there’s already like we could do Awesomenauts no okay this is my very professional not ah but it works doesn’t it it works ever seen someone so sandals off ski boots on this is a great look for you plus on you could be setting all kinds of new trends all-wheel-drive cx-9 from Moscow Continental special sand tires both Jack Pro skier and myself Pro blondie we have special police approval yeah please please please don’t do this yourself you need special approval you need professionals we’ve got lots of people standing by so he’s okay my god it’s below that went way better than I thought it was gonna do look how beautiful we have to appreciate the sunset for a moment look at that how picturesque is that Wow this is Venus so awesome one of the best days I’ve had in to buy a sauna you’re a champion how did you find it so don’t go the first to goes very sandy face lots of nice great okay so we’ve done out desert this is more space yeah we’re gonna go from the desert and gone finds me snow snowing the desert it’s just where you train us on yeah all right okay these are sky active technology peeps makes the driving smooth more nimble it is nimble feels never look at it look at this look at this is something they call Jinbei time please excuse my Japanese but they call it like they’re very proud of it mad stuff because it makes you feel like their technology that works super hard on making you feel like that one with the car so they could describe it like riding a horse because the two of you have to be in sync the entire time okay we have arrived it is the password to open this door secret door ah we are here in Dubai we are now being boxed in between two worlds behind door number one sand behind door number two snow let’s go down behind this door is something that has been a year in the making I hear it’s taken to get all of this together it is going to be epic business : what’s about to happen has never before happened in Dubai this is a first and it’s coming very very soon stay tuned as head we’ve gone from plus 30 degrees to minus 7 degrees within a matter of seconds we bother cx-9 looking really frosty and cool it’s suddenly gone from summer to winter and we’re gonna pull off something crazy please stay tuned like the video subscribe to my channel so that you can get a notification next time this comes out love you too so much thanks for watching

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