The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020

The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020


The Somerset firm has developed the Ariel motorcycle Ariel Ace Iron Horse on the basis of his cruiser in honor of the “Black Ariels”, which was produced in the years 1926-1930. The new model is estimated at 29 686 pounds.

On a motorcycle a lot of machined metal components. Aluminum frame, welded by hand (approximately 70 man-hours to manufacture from scratch). Fuel tank made of carbon fiber, as well as other parts of the body. The saddle is also made by hand, covered in black leather.


Other details:

  • parallelogram fork with shock absorber Ohlins TTX
  • 17-inch rear wheel
  • cantilever aluminum tank
  • rear shock Ohlins
  • the Honda VFR1200 V4 engine (173 HP)
  • led optics
  • LCD tidy
  • traction control
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